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L2 Intelligence: Social Platforms

Social Commerce Channels

A Primer on Instagram and Facebook Capabilities

The days of brands using social platforms for only top-of-funnel hype are long gone. With two-thirds of users purchasing directly from social media posts at least once in the past year, platforms are quickly rolling out additional commerce features.

Credits: Karen Lee (research); Wright Rickman, Julia Kim (development); Minh-Anh Nguyen (design)
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"Shop Now" Button

The Shop Now button connects users from a brand’s Facebook page to whichever site the brand decides.

Shoppable Pages

These shoppable pages are accessed through a link titled Shop. However, it does not bring the user to a landing page outside of Facebook.

Dark Posts

Across analyzed brands, Gartner L2 found that Facebook drives the lion’s share of social desktop traffic.

Shoppable Pages

Shoppable products on Instagram profiles are easily accessed through the Shop button located directly underneath the brand’s bio.

Instagram Stories

With an ever-increasing amount of Instagram Stories features, brands have a plethora of tools with which to experiment and drive engagement.


Influencers are commonly seen as a tool to boost awareness, but they are also useful further down the purchase funnel.

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